About Us

360xec was formed to provide immersed specialist knowledge of the marketing, media and technology driven communications industry to Clients and Candidates alike. We get challenged with some of the most interesting and newly evolved roles, often where writing a brief is incredibly difficult – how do you write a brief for something you don’t currently have?

That is where our understanding of business, and ability to assess team and leadership capability comes in. We work with clients to dig deep in understanding the strategy for the business and provide that ‘hard to find’ special resource to resolve that need.

Equally we work closely with very special candidates all over the world, taking a genuine interest in guiding and mentoring their careers, particularly at the most senior level. We are trusted and respected to provide knowledgeable perspective without commercial motive, but to achieve the best outcome for Client and Candidate alike.

It is on this basis that our work around the world comes to us through reference, and not through pitching or bidding. We go the extra mile, travel the world to find the right match and hold ourselves responsible long after the placement is made. Outcomes are achieved over months and years, not on the day of the placement.

We also use the wealth of experience we are privileged to accrue through our work to lobby for positive change, to champion diversity in the workplace and to create greater levels of engagement throughout.